Wednesday, April 10, 2019

YSSY - Sooner

I like things that are natural, raw, and honest. Soul of the earth kind of vibes. Digging your toes into the grass and dirt. It makes us much more interconnected and much more grounded and when you hear Elliot Caroll's vocals on YSSY's new track, "Sooner", you are immediately drawn in and you listen to every word that comes out of her mouth with rapt attention. You want to hear more. You want to have her tell you stories and share experiences with her. Her voice is impressively expressive in almost a nonchalant manner. It's effortless and it's like she knows exactly what words to say and exactly how to say them in conversation and again, it brings you closer to her and it makes you want to be there with her as she comforts you.

Elliot and Simeon of YSSY (
So then you take this beat and track that producer Simeon Abbott has crafted that has this progressive feel to it that just opens the door and helps deliver Elliot's lyrical performance to you in a beautifully wrapped package. He's created this undercurrent that just drives the beat into the heart of you. It's simple in design but again, there's an effortless complexity to how he's structured it to carefully carry Elliot. It gets soft when it needs to and when it needs to highlight what she's singing and it rises and builds into this atmospheric swell that adds a whole new level of excitement to this easy song.

So I think we've all had experiences that they're talking about in this song. You're in that beginning phase of a relationship were everything is new and exciting and sexy and you are doing everything you can in your power to just not blurt everything out and make the other person think you're just a freaking weirdo but all of your experiences have brought you to this very moment and everything is perfect and you just want to tell them all the things in your head and you need to do it as soon as possible but you know you need to be patient. (and yes, that run-on sentence was intentional because you're supposed to read it at the fevered pitch at witch your brain is processing all the emotions you're doing your dead level best to not just vomit all over them) But you're fighting with yourself to maintain your composure and you know you want to just shout it to the heavens but you wait.

Emotions are one of the most powerful forces on earth and to have them all succinctly pulled together in this song in a manner that you're able to connect with is pretty damn cool. It does ground you and make you think about those similar times in your life when you're struggling for the words to properly emote and Simeon and Elliot have done it for you. This is what music is about. This is what is important about being part of a creative collective. You are part of something larger than yourself and you're able to accept the help that you're given by other members of the group. Music is that group. It's those people that bring you into the collective unconscious and help you express those thoughts and feelings. YSSY has an amazing future ahead of them if this is the quality of work they're putting out. They have an EP coming this summer so I'll damn sure check it out and bring it to you guys as well.

You know I'm always hopeful and optimistic about new bands and want to check back with you guys about how a band is doing and this Toronto based group is no different. I want to hear more from them. I want to share their music with you and I want to see where they are. I think they are going to do great things. When the track releases to the public, I'll make sure I tag them and bring the song over so you all can hear it

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