Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fred Seul - Capable

Again, this is the power of music. This is exactly what music is out in the universe for. Fred Seul is a Danish based artist and he's using his platform to talk about the rising of the oceans in a manner that is easy and free. You just close your eyes and you get washed away in this story he is beautifully telling. I feel like I just need to take a huge breath and sit down and let him guide the journey that we are both on. It's emotionally evocative and introspective and just creates this space in time that brings you back over and over. Fred's voice is earthy and honest and the backing track isn't over produced. It's just easy and free and like other artists that speak multiple languages, his English is amazing.

His voice is familiar and comfortable. It's got so much heart and soul in it and listening to his other tracks on his Soundcloud, he's got an incredible grasp on his instrument. I highly recommend "More Than I Am" as you hear a whole new side of his voice. More direct and commanding. It's deliberate and forceful and I quite enjoy the dichotomy of what I've heard so far. He's a brilliant artist and I am grateful that he reached out to me to give him a listen.

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