Friday, June 21, 2019

Son of Cabe - Lynwood

The official video for "Lynwood" by Son of Cabe has dropped and the oversaturated live performance video is exactly what this song needed. Nothing over the top. Nothing too flashy. Just a live performance of the track in which all the colors being hyper stylized that brings a storybook vibe to the video that echo the washed out feelings of not being able to say you're sorry because you've done something you know you need to apologize for. The indie feel of the video suits Son of Cabe's bedroom production style as well. It's perfectly suited for what he's creating and I think it's genius. If you want to read what I've said about the song previously, you can do so here. This young artist has an innate ability to put meaning and message into his words that's relatable and familiar because we've all been there; at some point in our lives we've felt what he's talking about. We've been faced with similar emotions and hearing them makes it easier to process.

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