Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wrapped up like a douche

Last night, I spent about 2.5 hours of what should have been quality sleep time talking to a friend from high school.  We hadn't really talked since graduation but we've developed a really great adult friendship via Facebook.  She's actually one of the only people that I am actively talking to from high school.  As we talked I actually found out that she was missing from my school for all of our junior year and a majority of our senior year.  This was because she was sent away to boarding school because of some stuff that had happened that was pretty much out of her control.  On top of this, she had an exceptionally abusive home life that I had no idea about.

I think what amazed me the most about this is she was missing for a year and a half and my memory has written her back in.  I had no idea at the time what she was going through because I was too wrapped up in my own misery and drama to see that other people were hurting.  I had no idea what she was going through and I feel shitty about it.  Could I have made a difference in her life if I would have known what she was going through?  I don't know and I'll never know but it has made me think how important it is to not be so damn sheltered in my own life and look around to see if other people need me.