Monday, April 8, 2019

Look Mum No Computer - Groundhog Day

Life is so weird sometimes. Last night, I ran across the most bizarre video I've seen in a minute. This intellectual punk looking guy was building an organ out of Furbys and it seemed like something you'd find greeting you at the gates of Hell. Welllllllll it turns out that the intellectual punk guy is actually a music artist that goes by the moniker, Look Mum No Computer or you can call him by his Christian name, Sam Battle but I think he'd actually prefer to answer to LMNC. He's this weird, quirky, musical genius and he's damn good at what he does.

"Groundhog Day" is his first official release as a single but he's got a ton of stuff on his YouTube and various social media platforms that will just make you want to go deeper and deeper and see just how far his rabbit hole goes because it's all brilliant. His cover of TLC's "No Scrubs" is so good and different but still pays homage to the original source material. His voice is super cool and his whole method of performance art is one of the most killer things I've gotten to experience lately because it's new and it's innovative and doesn't fit into any sort of conventional box. It's pure expression and it's art and it makes you feel things because that's what art is supposed to do. It's unexpected and it's nothing that you've heard before.

So back to "Groundhog Day"'s a brilliant single. It's got a killer beat and the production tight. It slaps. From start to finish and it's just a hot take. It's funky and LMNC's rapping and singing are on point. It's got this fresh feeling with it being one part performance piece and one part whatever the fuck LMNC wants it to be. It's put together with the same care that he has his other pieces of work and it makes you want to just hear more and more of his point of view. I damn sure know I want to. I want to know more about what drives him and what makes him create the music that he does. His YouTube is full of great content from How to's to his music and his experimentation. This is what happens when creativity and inventiveness collide and the result is just fantastic.  Support creators like him because he's actually doing things in this world. He's creating new things and building a whole new genre of art and it's beautiful and it's mental and it's good.

Look Mum No Computer on the Web

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