Monday, June 3, 2019

Night Lights - Habits

With members hailing from Japan, Mexico, and Norway; Night Lights not only have a unique perspective on creating music but they also have a multitude of cultural differences that bring them together in a very unique way. Vocalist Mau Jimenez, guitarist Yusuke Sato and drummer Dag Eirik Hanken have come together through their mutual love of music and have created some of the most thought provoking Indie pop in the Los Angeles scene in quite sometime. Yusuke Sato says, "As we are all international and all come from different backgrounds, it is really important to us to be able to reach more than one demographic." And if "Habits" is an example of the music they're creating, I don't think they're going to have any issues whatsoever.

"Habits" is a song that every single person that hears it can identify with. Whether it's coffee or binge watching tv or illicit substances or feelings....any time we keep going back to the well for more and more, we all have found ourselves in a position to be addicted to something. I think more than one of us out there have found an addiction to appreciation. When you are told that you're good enough or smart enough or good looking enough, the amazing feeling that's elicited in our brain makes us want more and more. Especially in a time when likes and a curated world view through social media is upon us, we spend so much time making sure we secure that validation because it makes us feel good. Doesn't matter if it's the gains we've made in the gym or how proud we are of our children's accomplishments, we crave those thumbs ups.

The chorus is gigantic in this song. It hits you like a wall of sound and it's great. Mau's vocals are brilliant and the production on the song just draw you in and it's good. It's a song that delivers a message that resonates pretty damn deeply and it's packaged in a song that makes you bounce along with it instead of feeling like you're being force fed a message. The bright and poppy guitars are a blessing on top of the synths. The percussion is done perfectly. I am a huge fan of this song and I'm grateful it just popped up in a SoundCloud station by total random happenstance. It makes me want to hear more and more music from these guys and am glad to have found them.

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