Friday, April 12, 2019

Ferris & Sylvester - Flying Visit

"If you're gonna stay then you bring your suitcase and you make it ten days cause I hate these flying visits."

This isn't my first rodeo with Ferris & Sylvester and it's amazing to get back in with them and check up on them, musically speaking as it were and I am not disappointed in the least. Velvety, smooth, comforting....all adjectives I've used to describe Issy Ferris' vocals and they've only gotten better over time. Their harmonies are so gorgeous and they just make immaculate music together. I am in awe of just how powerful this duo is together and how they make some of the most amazing Americana music I've heard and I guess the ironic thing is that they're a British folk group.

This is a love song for the ages as it touches on the longing and the absolute need for physical intimacy that we all crave and need in every aspect of our lives. Don't just run into my life and then out again. Please stay because so much has happened since we saw each other last and I can't stand to go without you a minute longer. You can hear the passion they share, not just for the music they're creating but for each other as well. The way their vocals intertwine and build off each other can't simply be created by two singers that are just sharing vocals. This is music that is made by people that have a vested interest in each other and if you listen you can hear shared moments between them.

Music brings us closer and closer to each other and it's that thread of interconnectedness that helps make us part of something bigger. This song is going to touch a lot of people. It's going to matter in a lot of people's lives because so many of us have had feelings like this. So many of us have hated to watch a loved one walk away, whether it's a significant other or a mother or father or just a relationship that touches us and nurtures us. It's the fear of missing out on the little things like learning something new on a kick drum or seeing how high you can climb. While those things seem like very small things in the grand scheme of things they can be amazingly large when you can't share them with those that help us be more fully realized versions of ourselves.

I wrote about Ferris & Sylvester way back in 2017 and it brings my heart much joy to have them come across my desk again. It makes me realize and know that the music they've been creating is sustaining them and an audience because I love them as much today as I did then. I hope you love them as well because it's hard not to.

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