Thursday, April 11, 2019

Liz Cirelli - Ultra Violet Awakens

Conversations don't have to have words. Sometimes it's not what's said but what is in the moments in between. It's taking the time to hear everything that's going on around you and being open to the universe and what's in your own orbit. Generally instrumental tracks aren't the highest on my list of music to dive into but what Liz has done with this sweeping, atmospheric gem is incredible. It's a conversation all on it's own and it builds and it creates spaces for you to be and it's easy and it's surprising. When she steps away from the synthesized beats and goes to the piano and the sounds coalesce into this beautiful melody that lifts this song up higher than before.

I think it's people like Liz Cirelli that make an amazing difference in the world. She has a created a place in this world to express herself and to share her creative vision with the world. I love her energy and her overall vibe. It's very much in the vein of someone that wants to give back more than the universe has given her. You can tell that she effortlessly draws people to her with her spirit and people leave transformed. That's what music and art do. They dig into the heart of you and help you find those things that you didn't necessarily know you were missing or looking for and when you do find them and they resonate so truly and deeply within you, you know yourself a bit better.

By the time I was finished with the track, I wanted to know more about Liz and what she stood for because I feel like I already know her a bit through her art. So I took the time to check out her website and I wasn't wrong about my assumptions. She is a light in this world that wants to inspire others through her experiences and her tribulations and those people are the ones we have to take solace in. People like Liz who have been kicked around by the universe but continue to grow and learn and share their gifts with the universe are the people that make all the difference and make you smile and want to listen when they speak. People like Liz are the artists with the deepest palates that paint with all the colors to mark the passing of one experience to another and more often than not, they simply get dismissed by the populace but they are the ones we should be listening to.

So check out her work and support her art. Sign up for her newsletter and offer gratitude to the universe for letting us hear the beautiful message of growth and peace and love that she has to offer.

Also, take the time to accept a gift she has given my readers. It's a short experiential e-book she wrote about what it takes to achieve your dreams. It's a totally free download (no email sign-ups needed!) and it can be found here:

Liz Cirelli on the Web

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