Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Johnny Stimson - Daddy's Money

With Johnny's previous releases there was a bit of a 60s Mod to his sound and it was incredible.  It cultivated a feeling that was missing in the industry.  With this single and his previous track, "Human Man", he has both feet firmly planted in a much funkier place.  There's a bit of disco and a bit of rock and roll and a whole lot of Johnny in these tracks.  "Daddy's Money" just makes you move.  It's got a tremendous breakdown and it is brilliantly produced.  Every subtle nuance of Johnny's voice is carefully cultivated so that it is never lost in the track.  And let's not forget about his range.  The man has an incredible instrument that deserves to be at the top of all the charts.  The track is full and the instrumentation is solid.  If you didn't know any better, you would swear that this is the track of someone that has been doing this for two to three times longer than Johnny has.  I am impressed with what he's offering us right now and I can't wait to see what's next.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Liquid Diet - Writing On The Wall

I love entendre; single, double, none at all. I think that it takes a tremendous amount of intelligence to properly write an entendre. You don't want it to be smutty for the sake of being smutty. It has to be smart and it has to make you go, "Oh you...." after you realize what it is that has just been said. Billy and Georgia are two of the most competent vocalists in the industry today because their chemistry is palpable. It’s got weight and a depth that can’t be faked. You trust the vocals because they allow you to.

This song is full of wit and leaves nothing to be desired. It’s well thought out and brilliantly produced. I think they’ve done a phenomenal song that makes you smile and have a great time. They are one of the most creative and individualistic bands today. I am glad to call myself a fan.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Eric Himan - Red Hot Tears

I haven't written in a long time, seriously written because I haven't felt inspired.  Had some things in my life not go the way thought they should so I've felt put out and bitter about the music scene.  That is until today.  I am subscribed to Tom Goss' youtube channel and he liked Eric Himan's new video, "Red Hot Tears".  I've seen Eric's name pop up on one blog or another and honestly I had never given him a chance.  I bypassed him for other artists and I don't know why.  Sitting here now, I have watched the video 4 times, I have watched other videos and I have purchased his album, Gracefully from his bandcamp. 

In my opinion, that's the magic of the internet.  It's this domino effect that can send you tumbling down a rabbit hole of amazement and you never know what you're going to find on the other side.  Without a question, I am damn glad that I made the decision to click on the video.  Eric has this magnetic chemistry that just oozes through every lyric and every move he makes in front of the camera.  I'll go ahead and say this one and only one time.  He's a damn attractive man.  That being said, let's move past it and talk about the way he carries himself.  This man has the goods.  Plain and simple.  He's not hiding behind production, he's not relying on autotune.  He is working every beat and note for all it's worth and pouring himself into every bit of it. 

The track has this down and dirty groove that you have to just settle into.  You get low and bob your head and rock from the hips while he just wears this song out.  It's funky and it's got a soul to it that not many artists are able to cultivate.  When you watch the video and see him just grooving to his own track, that's when you know that he enjoys the hell out of what he's doing.  He is fully invested in this music and what he's sharing with the world.  At this point, I think I am working on my 6th go round with the track and I haven't even listened to the words yet.  I'm not done with the funk.

Ok, so it's not your typical "Somebody Done Wrong" song.  It's taking all the emotion of being mistreated and misused when they walk out of your life and just letting it burn through you til all you can do is cry.  Not because you're sad or heartbroken but because it's either that or just tear it all down.  Each and every bit of it.  So you just want to scream to the heavens because that's the answer.

After I get done listening to his album, I am going to be posting a HUGE write up about it because I am a fan.  With one song, I am sold.  Thank you, Eric.  You have reinvigorated my passion for the music industry. 

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