Wednesday, December 14, 2016

argonaut&wasp - Paisley

Yes. Yes. Yes. This is solid. The guitar. The bass line. The funk. The groove. All of the components come together in this perfect storm of amazing music from Brooklyn. The vocals are perfect. The chorus soars above it all. This is a fucking helluva song. And this is why I am so glad the internet exists. I want to describe all the sounds I'm hearing but words are failing. It's a damn good track and it makes life better.

Tom Aspaul - Burnt Out

Funky af! London based artist, Tom Aspaul throws down on this track. It's funky and you bounce along with it effortlessly. You'll be listening to it on repeat. If you're wanting something with an amazing falsetto and just a groove that you can sink into, this is the track for you. Bobbing along with it, I had no idea the song was over when it was over. But it was a damn fun ride!

Scavenger Hunt - Slow Dancing

Slow and methodical. Just easy and magical. This track is pretty incredible. It's warm and wraps you up and makes you feel safe. Just like you're slow dancing with that person that you care about. Just close your eyes and let Jill guide you through this amazingly mellow track. It's a perfect counterpoint to some of the more upbeat tracks that are out on the airwaves.

Great Good Fine Ok - Everything to Me

The sounds I made while listening to this were nowhere close to being human. This song is so good. This is indie/dance/synth pop at its purest, most vibrant and it is amazing. Those vocals against the perfectly crafted track. If you aren't swept up by this song within 22 seconds, you may not have a groovy bone in your body. I found this group as I was perusing Panama Wedding's catalog and found the cover of "Easy Lover" and I'm damn glad I stuck around because these guys are amazing. This track is so freaking poppy and catchy. It'll the be the peanut butter for your ribs all day long.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lectrolips - Heartbreak Siren

I've been writing about these guys for 4 years now. And as long as they keep making synthpop like this, I'll be writing about them for a long time to come. It's a damn good thing when an artist knows how to build a track. The tempo of this song absolutely echoes the lyrics about running. It's fast and frenetic. It has this feeling of leaving it all behind and trying to start new. It's about mistakes and heartbreaks and needing to find balance and security. And it's packaged brilliantly in typical Lectrolips fashion. It's a solid pop track and given the opportunity, I think it will spawn some amazing remixes as well.

Luke Wade - Passenger Side

It's been a while since I've spent time with a Luke Wade track. It seems his trip to the Voice has only served to make him a better artist. The song is massive. The production is gorgeous. His vocals are amazing and this could easily be a mainstream success. It's a song about that feeling you get when you realize you're head over heels for that person that makes you want to spend every warm, sticky summer night with them in your car just doing nothing. It's that feeling of being young and in love that we all strive to experience no matter how many times or how old we are. It's a fantastic track and I want so much amazing stuff for this man. He's doing big things and I think he deserves all the support and love his fan base gives him.

Femmepop - Bright Noise (Preview)

47 seconds. That's all I needed to know that there is greatness in this track. From the beginning of the track to when Maggie's vocals come in, this sample is enough to make me want so much more. That wub wub is just an incredible way to lead off the track. It makes me feel like something David Lynch should use in one his movies. There's a nostalgia to the track and a familiarness to it that makes it super easy to just step into.  I've been a huge fan of Femmepop for a very long time and this makes me appreciate her even more.