Friday, April 19, 2019

Sour - Separate Ways

So let's talk about this new track, "Separate Ways" by Essex based trio, Sour. You've got a vocalist in Connar Ridd, a bassist: Jonn Downham, and Sam Mumford  on drums. Which is all you need to get a party started. So then you take 21 year old Connar and you inject so many vocal influences into this new, hip voice. I hear influences from artists ranging from Andy Bell to Glenn Tilbrook and even a bit of Marc Almond. It's brilliant and it's reminiscent of a much simpler time in music. He's also got just a bit of that whole Eastern UK feel to it. The swag and attitude that comes with it and it's great. On this track, his vocals come in a rapid fire delivery that almost imitates a percussive instrument and it's an incredible way to show off his talent. I honestly think these 3 young men compliment each other quite strongly and if this is the quality of music they're going to put out, I'd love to hear then I can't wait to hear more.

Connar says this track is an exploration into his own sexuality and I think it's a beautiful vehicle for him to be able to do that. I talk about how music is a medium and a language that we can all speak and it's what brings us all together and enables us to see how we are more similar than different than people around the world. We've been represented in so many ways across the musical spectrum and we desire so much to hear our struggles and our own lives reflected back to us in music. So however Connar identifies, I hope that someone out there hears this and feels like he's speaking directly to them. I know the very first time I heard a love song sung by a man to a man, it was like my eyes had been opened for the first time and it was beautiful and it was new and made me want to hear more and more. I hope that someone out there feels similar when they see this video or they hear this song.

They state this isn't a break up song but I think I'd classify it more as a growth song. Knowing that regardless of how you feel, you have to do what makes you happy with people that make you happy. If that means going your own separate ways, that's what you have to do. You have to take care of your heart and your feelings and find those people in your life that help you become the most fully realized version of yourself and that especially rings true in any relationship. If you're not getting what you need with the partner you have and communication isn't doing what it needs to do, then you have to step back and analyze the situation and make a change.

This is an infectious, funk filled pop tune that makes you just bob along with it and enjoy the message without realizing you've been delivered a message. It's a cool jam that will hopefully open quite a few doors for these artists and allow them more of a platform to be able to tell their stories.

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