Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Palm Ghosts - The Golden Age

"Some days were sunlight, some were rain"

Joe Lekkas can do no wrong in my ears. His voice is like honey. Warm, nostalgic, familiar, honey. Palm Ghosts are that amazing group that I wouldn't have fully understood as an angsty teen in the nineties but I would have been wholly into them but as an adult, I would have looked back and gone...."Damn, I get it now" but as an angsty adult, I don't have to go through all that. Their particular brand of shoegaze, dream pop, new new romantic new wave or whatever you want to classify it as makes me so damn happy. This is the music that I want to just put on repeat and get lost in my own world to. It's everything I need it to be and then some. It's warm and it's a hug from an old friend and it's got the exact right amount of synth in it to tap into all those pleasure centers that make me feel like we've been on this long journey together listening to Bauhaus and Echo and the Bunnymen and we've finally come to the end of the trip and our road trip of a movie has come to fruition.

I get so damn hyped up when I hear them but it's not an off the chart level of excitement but something more subdued that just makes me know that everything will be ok. That all the shit that I sweat will fall away. It's just good and I know that I'm not the only person out there that's experiencing this rush of contentment when they listen to their music. I just read the lyrics of the song and I'll be damned if this track isn't describing everything I'm experiencing right this very minute as I listen to the song for the fifth or eighth time. The Golden Age in a relationship when everything is where it needs to be and everything has perfectly fallen into place through thick and thin. It's the good times and the bad that are necessary for you to fully understand and appreciate what you've got. It's the sour and the sweet that come together to balance  life. It's that person, those people, that experience that connect you to everything bigger than yourself and it's all wrapped up here in 5 minutes and 4 seconds.

I don't know if they know just how important they are in today's climate. I don't know if they realize the impact they are making on fans of a certain age and new fans alike. Palm Ghosts have become one of my favorite groups in a relatively short amount of time and it's not hard to understand why.

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