Friday, April 5, 2019

Charlotte Sands - I Love You, But

Conversations are being had more and more about mental health and self care and they're damn important. I absolutely love that people are being more open about the struggles they've been dealing with because the more we talk openly about them the less stigma surrounds mental health. If you have a broken arm, people can see the cast and they know that you're healing but when it comes to mental health - all the symptoms and signs manifest in so many different ways from person to person that it's so hard to fully understand how we struggle.

Charlotte Sands is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Nashville and her new single, "I Love You, But" is nothing but a straight up bop that helps you heal as you listen to it. She's a young woman with a platform and she's using it for the absolute right reasons. Throughout the song, she's expressing how she's been through it and she knows the way she needs to go to be the person she knows she can be but it's going to take work. She says, "I love you but I love myself" and that's important because it doesn't matter who the subject of that sentiment is, it's important to love yourself and accept you for you before you love some one else. This song is super fun and bouncy. The production makes you dance and smile and you just feel so damn good listening to her sing about her imperfections and learning how to work with them to be a better version of herself.

"I'm not perfect but I'm getting well / yeah I love you but I love myself"

I mean, come on..... This is incredible, simply acknowledging this part of her life and saying it out loud is one of the most amazingly healing things that she can do. This is a young woman that is going to do a lot of amazing work if this is how she uses her gift. I could quote line after line from this song because she's speaking a lot of truth and people that hear it are going to adore her. The production on this song is super fun and makes you smile especially the vocoder work at the end. It's unexpected and just adds a bit more excitement and an overall sense of not really giving too many effs. I'm gonna do what I want to do and if that's hop on this T-Pain train, then that's what I'm gonna do.

Just like the last 4 songs I've written about, there's something in the universe that is pulling these tracks to me. These artists are telling me that I have a lot of work to do and there are people out there that need to hear this music because I'm not the only one that needs to hear it. Music connects us. It brings us together and it heals us. This track is an amazing example of that and I'm grateful I got to hear it before the release date of April 17. Come back then and I'll drop the track so you can hear just what I've been talking about.

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