Monday, August 27, 2012

Dubelius - Stapstick Shitstorm

I don't get into Dubstep too much anymore because after a while it all sounded exceptionally repetitive and boring.  This however is something kind of new and a bit unexpected.  The 8-bit aspect of the track gives it this nostalgic out of place feel but the glitch and the wub make it a bit dangerous and sinister.  There is something not quite right about this track and it makes it a bit crazy (in the best possible way).  Dubelius is a 17 year old producer in the United Arab Emirates.  I love the internet for creating a global music community. Even if you aren't a super huge fan of dubstep, give his music a chance because I think it's different enough to stand out against the increasingly large group of artists in a genre that is almost overpopulated as is.

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