Friday, June 23, 2017

Alex Sloane - Puppy Love

Unique voices are as important to me as unique point of views. And Alex Sloane has an amazing voice. It's got a fantastically unique quality to it that makes it soft and soothing but there's an earthy grounded quality hiding underneath. You can hear that in the more breathy moments in this song. It's a super cute and fun song and it just makes me smile. It makes me feel warm and content on the surface but when you listen to the lyrics it's a bit more serious. So it's got this duality to it with the softness of her voice against the intention in her lyrics. I think that people do tend to get it twisted when it comes to feelings and how connections happen. There almost needs to be a step between like and love. Something to describe how you feel that is more than just casual attraction but not as serious as being in love with someone. Alex has done a fantastic job of explaining that on this track and I look forward to hearing much more out of her.

Patients - Learn To Love Me

The amount of intensity in this video is bananas. From the striking color palate to the edit swipes to the building and swelling of the track into a tumultuous deluge of want and desire. There's something very desperate about this song and it's a bit broken and a bit scary. But not in an American Psycho kind of way but more of a deep longing and a need that has to be fulfilled. I think we've all been that person. The person that is at their wits end and we don't know how we can go on without connection and meaning. Sure, we can navigate the world on our own. We can make our way without people but we weren't designed for that. We weren't built to spend our time alone so when we find that person that compliments our goods and makes our bads not so bad, a deep seated, primal feeling can build into that need to be. To be more than we are and I think from time to time, we can forget ourselves and get swallowed up in another person.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bright Light Bright Light - New York Pretty

There can never be enough songs about self love and acceptance. And when they're done this beautifully, please bring them all on. BLBL has made an incredible song and a better video for this anthem about being the best version of yourself. It's a beautiful love letter to queer New York City and how being in an open environment makes you just open yourself up for opportunities and you want to learn how to be better. It's such a fun, powerful song and I can't get enough of it. He's got such a magical way with creating these songs that are experiences and they get inside you and just make you feel good.

Haim - Want You Back

Simplicity at it's finest. When you've got an amazing song, you don't need much else to embellish it. The Haim sisters know that. The video is simple and it complements the song brilliantly. Seeing Danielle, Este, and Alana having a good time while walking down the street is just fun. The dance break at the end made me smile with just mega amounts of joy. I don't want to take too much away from this video as it's just a great accompaniment to the song.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Haim - Little of Your Love

You've got the perfect piece of music here. It's fun. It's catchy. It's everything Haim should be in their music. Danielle sounds amazing. Alana and Este do an amazing job supporting her and the song is just everything you need in a great summertime jam. You will be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't just find the jam in this track. You have to move along with the music and it just makes you feel good.

Their new album 'Something To Tell You' coming July 7, 2017 so make sure you pre-order it or pick it up when it releases because it's going to be amazing based on the tracks they've released so far.

M.I.A - Finally

YES! So glad to hear new M.I.A. It's been too long and I worry that the whole Superbowl drama had something to do with that. I don't know for sure but it seems like that is something that would absolutely have something to do with her hiatus in the United States. She's an amazing artist and completely slept on in the US market. This track is just easy and nothing overly complex. Just a chill jam that shows off her vocal talents exceptionally well. I'm stoked to hear her recording new music and can't wait to hear and see more from her.

Beth Ditto - In and Out

I can't describe properly just how amazing Beth Ditto is and I don't think she gets nearly enough recognition for the incredible body of work that she's put out. She's brash and she's bold and she's just an artist that has cultivated a sound that isn't like anyone else in the industry. Each track she releases just proves that she continues to grow and become a more realized version of the true artist she should be. She's got a lot of rebel in her and she makes me think of Joan Baez and Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin. Her music is honest and it's just so freaking cool.

"In and Out" is a new single off her latest album, Fake Sugar and the bass line is just so chunky and it sounds so good against her vocals. She amazes me with what she can do when she sings. I adore her and everything she puts out. She does a great job telling a story about two people that are trying their best to be the best for each other but more often than not, we struggle to maintain the connections and ties that bring us together. It's a part of life that we have all felt at one point in our lives. We do everything we can to make sure we are being the most attentive partner we can but sometimes that just isn't enough. We just have to make sure that the fight we are fighting is worth it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tronicbox - Closer (The Marlboro Smokers 80s Remix)

SO DREAMY!!! Tronicbox has knocked this out of the park! It's brilliant. Halsey sounds AMAZING. Just like she should be in the 1980s. I cannot believe how incredible this remix is. This is quality work right here. I can hear this playing in the mall where there is far too much hairspray in the air, jean jackets and hair pulled up in banana clips. I adore this so hard. The nostalgia is SO strong with this one and THAT GUITAR SOLO!!! This is the most I've used caps in a review ever but this is just killer. I can't even... Ally Sheedy and Mare Winningham are running late to an audition. Gertie and Billy are looking for Reese's Pieces. This is just so much damn fun.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Matt Zarley - Waving Through A Window (Dear Evan Hansen Cover)

There's no denying the universal appeal that is "Dear Evan Hansen". With it's five wins at the Tony's this year, there's no doubt that its a juggernaut that cant' be stopped. "Waving Through a Window" is Evan's song about watching the world pass by around him and how he wants to be part of something that he just can't seem to grasp and I feel that Matt absolutely captures that feeling with this cover. I think that doing it as part of a road trip where all he's able to do is watch the world pass by as he drives was a brilliant idea. Matt is one of the best voices in the industry today and I feel like he's done an amazing job capturing a lot of the emotion of the song without it just being a simple cover.

Sally Caitlin - Poison

Sullen, sultry, salt of the earth. Those are all qualities I adore in a voice. There is so much depth of character and a feeling of life experience wrapped around the breathy pronunciation and how the lyrics are punctuated. You can tell that Sally has had a bit of life under her belt as she sings. She's not phoning it in. She believes her words and she is expressing herself through the words she's singing. I hear some Roisin Murphy and a bit of Sophie Ellis-Bextor in her voice and that grounded type of singing just fills the space around her with an atmospheric quality that a lot of contemporary pop artists don't have. She's able to manipulate the landscape of her tracks without too much difficulty.

The bass line and the percussion in the song gives a powerful path that she marches down and leads you on this journey of self destruction that we have all been caught up in at one time or another. It's not something that we've set out to do, but whether it be obsession or lust or just a general sense that we will eventually come out on top even though we know better - we can't seem to get free. The song has a darkness that isn't evident until you slip into it; much like the dangerous relationship she's singing about. You don't see how it's bad for you until it's too late most of the time and there's nothing you can do about it.

I dig this song and Sally is certainly someone that I am going to watch out for as she does bigger and better things. Let me know what you think about her.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bleachers - Making of Don't Take The Money

I don't normally feature videos like this but to get insight into Jack's creative process is pretty amazing. Hearing what his influences for the song are and how it became the song that it did is super cool. You never realize just how many layers are in a song until you see something like this and it's just the coolest thing. Take a handful of minutes and watch this and see how much time and energy he puts into creating such an amazingly deep song.