Monday, February 20, 2017

Jeb Havens - Pushy Little Compass Heart

Jeb has always impressed me with how keyed into his own emotions he is and how unafraid he is to share his ups and downs with us. This is no different. He has taken more than the last year of his life and given it to traveling the world with his partner and I think that is absolutely amazing. He's stepped away from most everything in order to build a solid foundation for his life with the man that, I'm sure, he's going to spend the rest of his life with.

This video was filmed over five days in New Zealand and it's a gorgeous ode to what he's been doing this past year. The song is gorgeous and it makes you want to just hold on to the people in your life that matter. It's one of the most romantic videos I've seen in a long time and I'm damn glad that they decided to share it with us. I'm a super huge fan of Jeb and his music. I think he's got one of the most charismatic voices in the industry today. The chorus swells and builds into this hopeful ideal of what we all want in our lives. It's the idea of finding your "true north" and making a beeline to them. It's following your heart and it's doing what you need to make sure you live the happiest you can. It's holding on to that scrap of happiness and squeezing out of it all we can because we aren't promised anything.

I applaud him for his hard work and effort to bring this vision to reality.  Make sure you pick up his new album, "Home Base" where ever you choose to purchase your digital music.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Walk off the Earth - Shape of You (Ed Sheeran Cover)

There is nothing these guys can't do. That's a fact. It's just amazing to see their interpretations of songs. From Sara to playing an Mbira to the surprises they have packed into this cover. I'm not going to talk about them because they are amazing and it made me squeal with delight when they happened. Just trust me. If you're a fan of the original track and you like Walk off the Earth, you're going to love this cover. Hands down.

MisterWives - Machine

Ugh. I hate this so much because it's so fucking great. This track is so amazing. It's got everything that you need for one of the best indie pop songs I've heard in a very long time. That rapid fire delivery of that last verse at 2:30? Are you fucking kidding me with that? Mandy Lee is wearing me out with her skill as a vocalist and this song just makes me feel great. I can't wait to see the video and see the treatment they give it. It's going to be a knock out. For sure!!

Eli Lieb - Chained to The Rhythm (Katy Perry Cover)

I saw Katy Perry's version of this track on the Grammys and it wasn't bad. But Eli adds a tremendous amount of soul to what was just a standard pop song. His voice is always so earthy. It's just got so much character to it. I wish he was such a bigger star than what he is. I love that he even did the rap in the middle eight. This is a very solid cover and I approve!!