Thursday, April 4, 2019

Felix Hagan & The Family - Gene Kelly

I've been a massive fan of Felix Hagan & The Family since I stumbled across them on YouTube because of the absolute joy they exude in everything they do. They're a band that I would love to see live because I know that they would just put on the most massive show ever and it would be incredible. They take the piss when they can and the world needs so much more of that. They're theatrical. They're over the top. They're everything a pop act should be and on top of it all, they have the talent to back up everything they do. They put out fantastically produced music. They bring so much excitement and energy to their videos and their art and the world is a better place for it.

About four months ago, they released a lyric video for a new track, "Gene Kelly" and I am right back to where I was with my love affair with this band. The song is so freaking cool. It's a story about a young entertainer building his career and finding his purpose in life and damn do we need music like this today.

"I want to dance like Gene Kelly
Dress like Elton John
Give those kids that get me
a star to wish upon

Tell the world I'm ready
to write their favorite song
so folks that never met me
will miss me when I'm gone"

Give those kids that get me a star to wish upon...... That lyric in itself is what this is all about. It's what music is for. It's so that the kids that are listening to all this amazing art will aspire to be more than what they are. It's to have hopes and dreams and see someone just like you that reminds you that you aren't alone and that you can do amazing things if you set yourself to and you put in the work.

I've said it over and over, music doesn't have to have a meaning. It doesn't have to stand for something but damn it, when it does... that's magical. That's when it's important and it's good and Felix Hagan and his merry band of merrymakers know just how to do this and build something that will last and mean something.  I wish they were a much bigger household name, especially here in the States but in a way - because they aren't, I feel a certain brand of ownership and a bit of pride knowing that I have them in my back pocket and can share them with people.

Listen to this track. Get a little inspired and go out and create something. Share a bit of Felix's excitement with the world.

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