Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Christian Lee Hutson - Northsiders

Jesus Christ man.... Getting back into writing has been a flood of emotions and getting to reconnect sonically with old friends has been the absolute best part of this journey. One of the greatest and most bad ass mother fuckers I've ever gotten a chance to see live and interact with is Christian Lee Hutson. I met him back in 2014 at the Communion tour and began to follow his music and his career and fell in love with his raw emotional honesty and absolute outlaw attitude about his music. He creates music that matters to him and does his own thing and that's how he connects with his audience. He is exactly what the world needs in an artist. He's cataloging his life and experiences through music and it's pure and it's honest and it's good. I missed hearing him and I'm so damn glad I've gotten a chance to bring him back into my life.

He's got a new single and new video called "Northsiders" and I can honestly tell you that I'm a wreck after listening to it. This is exactly how important music is. The story he's telling and the imagery he's creating is amazing and beautiful and leaves you with a visceral emotional response because you know where he's been. You know what he's seen and it's similar to an experience you've had. It's a song about missed opportunities and new loves and building those connections with people and it touches all those places where you immediately start reflecting on your own experiences and you think about your youth and those times when you were new and you thought you were invincible.

I adore this man and his voice and just how it's all done his own terms and just how punk he really is. No apologies. No disclaimers. He's telling his stories and he's blazing his own path and he's glad to have you along for the ride if you want to be part of it. I am in awe, especially considering that I got to spend a bit of time with him way back when and get to know him a bit. Seeing him share space with artists like Sturgill Simpson and The Shadowboxers and create art alongside them was an incredible experience that I'll always cherish. I think I may have bought him a beer and if I didn't I damn sure owe him at least a six pack for all his passion and his unadulterated soul baring he's done over the years. If he hasn't been invited to do NPR's Tiny Desk then they don't know what they're missing and they need to get on that ASAP.

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