Friday, April 5, 2019

Tadhg Daly - Hit the Ground

Vocals are a gigantic portion of what makes music so special to me. Voices and sounds and emotions shown through vocal expression more specifically. Male artists tend to have a bit of a tougher road to hoe with me as I want to hear something new. Something I haven't heard in a voice before and Tadhg has absolutely done that. His voice has a depth to it of some one that has experienced life beyond his years. He's got some mileage on him and it resounds through his voice clearly and draws you deeper into him. I don't like making comparisons between artists but it's been said that he could be put beside James Bay and while I hear that, he fully and wholly stands on his own two feet.

Life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need even when you don't know you need it. I've said in a few of my latest write ups that I've been in a pretty rough patch for a while and now that I've come back to music, it seems that the majority of songs that I've been exceptionally attracted to are uplifting, inspirational, empowering pieces of art that feel as if the artist is standing there singing to me and only me. "Hit the Ground" is no different, in fact it's probably exactly the song I need to hear right now.

"And I've been dancing on my own
Running a like there's no one there to watch me
if I hit the ground

And I've been dancing on my own
Running a like there's a someone there to catch me
if I hit the ground
I'm ready to live now"

Giving yourself permission to accept the help that's been offered is one of the most difficult things a prideful person may have to do in their life and it's something I've faced quite a bit as of late. Making the decision that we can't do this all on our own and that we all need some one is powerful and it's cathartic and it's freeing and you don't have to shoulder the burden all by yourself. Tadhg has so beautifully expressed this sentiment. Learning, growing, becoming a more fully realized version of ourselves is what we all have to aspire to if we are going to make the most out of this thing called life. I could easily quote every single lyric in this song and they'd all be a reflection of everything I need to hear.

This is what music is for. Music like this allows the listener to dig into themselves and become part of something more. It's anthemic. There is power in his words and it's transformative. It builds and swells and it wraps you up and tells you that it's perfectly ok to make mistakes and to fall but you have to get up over and over and you have to keep getting up. He's reassuring you and he's there, not to offer you a hand up but to help dust you off once you've gotten back on your feet.

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