Thursday, May 23, 2019

The LaFontaines - Alpha

This is an amazing rock track with two awesome vocalists. Kerr Okan's rap is fucking amazing. “’Alpha’ comes as result of the losses we’ve had recently in this area from young males, predominately of the ‘Alpha’ stereotype,” frontman Kerr Okan explains.

“I’ve often struggled with my emotions - anything other than aggression was always seen as a weakness and something that should be locked away. ‘Alpha’ marks the point in my own journey where I realised that there was something real to be gained from embracing the spectrum of emotions - whether you’re male or not.”

His voice is designed for it and the amount of swagger he carries is palpable. There's nothing else in this world that he should be doing this this. He was built explicitly for this. And combine that with Jamie Keenan's smooth ass chorus and this song is just fire. I've been sharing it around with a ton of my American friends and not one of them has heard anything like it and they're all beside themselves because they haven't heard this group before. It definitely a song that just sweeps you up and doesn't let go until the ride has come to a complete stop. The way the video is shot in one take is awesome and pumps you up because you know if this is what they can do in one take then any live show they put on will have similar energy and it will be hype. I can't say enough about Kerr's rap. It's fucking brilliant and it's infectious in the absolute best way.

"Alpha" is taken off their new album, "Junior" which will be released on June 14, 2019 and they're currently out touring supporting this single and the new album.

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