Saturday, May 18, 2019

SOMA - Slow

SOMA has become one of my newest obsessions. Her voice is melodic. It's angelic. And I adore it. In her latest single, she's seriously channeling some amazing pop/funk vibes and it's sublime. "Slow" is a break up song but it's one of the coolest break up songs ever. She's just got this attitude about her that makes even being broken up with easy. She worked with Tuomo Prättälä, the Finnish grand master of soul and funk and you can hear every little nuance he's been able to bring out not only in her performance but in the production of the track. I love how there are these little staccato sections against the smooth groove of the chorus and the bridge.

It's always incredibly refreshing to hear new voices in pop music and when you get the chance to hear international influences in performance because you get to hear how regional variations in production or subject matter is handled differently. With just two singles, SOMA has made me want to know so much more about her experience and her life. I think she's an incredibly powerful woman and she's got an incredible career ahead of her. The musical divide between Europe and America is so wide because while this track will be considered a pop tune in Sweden or the UK, it will more than likely be relegated to the club charts in America and I think that's doing a grave disservice to it. It deserves wide air play because it's more than just a simple club single. It's got a point of view and it matters.

SOMA is creating a catalog of music that will hopefully help her transcend those boundaries and she'll be able to bridge the gap in musical genres and she's doing it all on her own talent and her own merit. I said if after I reviewed "Don't Believe Them", she's going to do amazing things in this field and I can't wait to see where she goes next.

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