Thursday, May 30, 2019

Rosie O'Sullivan - Take Me As I Am

Day after day, we are so wrapped up in presenting ourselves in the most perfectly curated view to our friends, family, fans, followers on social media and it can be toxic. It becomes pervasive in every aspect of our lives and we have to make sure we are smiling correctly, we aren't struggling too publicly with our inner demons, we are being the absolute best version of ourselves even if that means we sacrifice who we are in order to be the person that we think we need to be.

Birmingham, England native, Rosie O'Sullivan has been on a helluva journey from losing almost 250 pounds to being a semi-finalist on Britain's Got Talent, this young woman is on a journey of self discovery and self love and it's one that we all can identify with. She's being compared to Adele and Kelly Clarkson and while I see those I would say she's more Paloma Faith or Sophie Ellis-Bextor or Lizzo like. Honest, soulful, and true to herself; Rosie says, "Take me as I am or watch me walk away" and that's a lesson that we all need to have echoed daily. We spend so much time trying to be the person that everyone else wants us to be we forget that we're perfect as we are regardless of how many likes we get. This is the only life we get and chasing validation is exhausting and there are many other pursuits we need to focus on.

Songs of self empowerment are my absolute jam. They are uplifting, they're powerful and they bring light and joy into this world in a manner that we all need to hear often. We are so caught up in the daily grind that we don't have time to remember that we are loved and we are beautiful and we don't have to change or compromise to be the person that we were intended to be. Thank you, Rosie for sharing your experiences with us. Thank you for holding up a mirror and reminding us that we are strong and we are powerful.

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  1. So proud of my beautiful niece Rosie O’Sullivan. Rosie has come so far along this rollercoaster of a ride, she deserves the very best in life. She is warm, kind, caring, funny and an absolutely amazing singer! The world is your Oyster my darling Rosie ❤️❤️❤️