Friday, May 10, 2019

Bengal Lancers - Last Orders

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Finding yourself in the same situation you've faced time and again tends to be a place that we've all been before. And when that situation leads you to looking for salvation, acceptance, forgiveness, love, or just answers in the bottom of a bottle, what you may find may be close to insanity. We spend so much time in this world fighting to better our selves or our station that the stress of day to day living can be too much and self medication is the answer. I've been there. Get a few beers in me and I become the life of the party. People gravitate toward me. They laugh and the revel in the memories we're creating but at what cost? What is it that we're losing when we hide behind artificial courage? Who are we really attempting to impress with our actions and when it all boils down to it, do they really matter in the grand scheme of things?

Life is hard. Being part of it from day to day finds us struggling to make it through and escapism is key. It take the mundane and the wearisome and makes it tolerable. We all find answers through our preferred methods of escape and as long as they're tempered with solid doses of reality and stable places to take off and land, they function as they should - they provide a respite from the grind but when they're the preferred alternative to activities of daily living, then we have a problem and we need to take a step back and reassess the situation. More often than not, happiness and stability are ever so elusive and we do what we think bring us happiness when we are really spending more time overthinking and creating a pattern of behavior that only perpetuates these cycles. Sometimes it takes a reminder to break us out of our rut and help set the course.

I realize that those are two paragraphs that have nothing to do with this single, on the surface, but listen to what Harry's saying in this song. Listen to what he's recounting. How many nights have you found yourself in the exact situation he's talking about. Ten more minutes at the bar and then you have to find a way home. Waking up on the floor, not remembering how you got there or what led up to those choices. I think that we spend so much time on a daily basis searching for something, anything that brings us closer to fine that those choices start to become ingrained in our decision making process. Self medication. Over indulgence. Binging on anything that connects us to people, places, or memories. But there has to come a time when we face reality and realize that these things only serve a purpose to hamper our growth and development into the people we are meant to be and they can be dangerous. We forget how to be happy without them. We forget what it's like to find ourselves pushing through the hard times without assistance and we forget what self reliance looks like.

Bengal Lancers have become literally one of my favorite bands of all time because of what they stand for. They are sharing a message and they are helping people express themselves in ways they may not even know. I've listened to this single twice now and look how much has poured out of me. Look at the introspection they've caused in less than five minutes if indie pop gloriousness. These four men have a unique ability to do what not many other people in the music industry are doing. They're creating conversations and they're catalyzing emotional journeys and that's what music is for. They're just doing so much good in the world and they need to be much more of a household name.

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