Thursday, May 16, 2019

SC.Undercover - 7 Rings (Ariana Grande cover)

Ok. Just gonna jump into this. Let's talk about what makes this so much more than just a cover. It's not a karaoke version of the song. It's not an artist just singing a version of the song. It's honestly a counterpoint or an "inspired by" track. It's got the beat. It's got the lyrical structure in the chorus but that's as far as this "cover" goes. This is so much more than just a cover. It's almost like he's sitting across the club while Ariana sings and these are his thoughts and his wants and desires and it just happens to line up with what she's doing. It's dangerous and it's sexy. It comes from such a different place than the original song. Its got attitude and teeth. It stands on its own legs as it's own song and I am here for it. Without a doubt.

His rap at the beginning his genius. His rapid fire delivery makes you hone in on what he's saying so that you catch it all and you pay attention to every single syllable. His accent is gorgeous and when he switches over to singing in falsetto........ damn. I mean damn. His voice is solid. Every aspect of it. The way he balances all the aspects of this song come from such a mature production ear. There is so much to this song. The pre-chorus is dope af and if this is the quality of music he's going to be creating, I'm damn sure about it all. He's creating something that will last and I think he's got an incredible career ahead of him. I want to hear original work from him to see how all this creativity plays out. There's too much here for him to be a one hit wonder and being in Atlanta, he's got access to a whole vibe and a feel that will round out his sound even more and the ability to work with amazing producers.

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