Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Justin Ferre - drifing into once a day

It's not often that a song makes me stop every single thing that I'm doing and put both earbuds in and give it everything I have but when it does and I'm shaking from the emotions an artist evokes - that's god damn important. Finding artists in this social media day and age is one of the funniest things because they can come from anywhere and today, I was totally blindsided by an artist that took me off my feet all together. Albuquerque based singer/songwriter Justin Ferre is that man. He has come into my life today and wrecked every single emotion I have. My hands are shaking and my eyes are blurry because this song is nothing but a stream of emotional consciousness and there's so much to it that it has touched my heart deeply and more passionately than anything in a long time.

The power that this man has in his voice and his delivery is shocking and it's beautiful and it's good. It's raw and it's honest and I have a lump in my throat because this song is exactly what I needed to hear to day and I don't know how the universe knew but damn it, it did. His vocal style shifting from a soft whisper to a raging torrent of emotion is so awe inspiringly beautiful. I am honestly having a hard time putting coherent thought together because of his delivery. There's no one else in the world. He's singing to me. He has singled me out in a crowd and his words are driving their way deep into my heart and my soul as it makes me feel so real and noticed and loved. The raw edge of his voice is that of a salt of the earth, honest to god man that believes in every single word that's coming out of his mouth and the person that this song has been written for is the luckiest man in the world.

This feels like he's just saying and doing whatever his love and his passion is telling him to say. When you hear his breath and you hear his thoughts come out while he's picking the words to say, you simply can't get more truth in art than this. He evokes so many emotions in me that it's hard to figure out which ones to process first. But safety, security, being wrapped in the words that he's saying makes me believe..... NO it makes me KNOW that whatever it is I'm going through in this moment that there's another human being in the cosmos that is standing there with me. Strong. Secure. Waiting for me to stumble so that he can be there to pick me up and help me on my path. Wrapping his arms around me, holding me; reminding me that I'm not alone and it's wonderful.

The way he shot the video for this is brilliant. It makes you focus on his words. It pulls you into his performance. It is a private, intimate performance and it's just you and him and you're going to be all right. This is the song that I want played at my wedding. These are the words that I yearn to hear from someone as they're holding my hand and helping me shake off the dark days. I don't know if he knows the power he wields but it is good and it's true and fuck..... I'm done. I'm a fan. Bonafide. Will travel to the ends of the earth for this man now if this is the level of work that he puts out.

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