Thursday, May 16, 2019

Shakespears Sister - All the Queen's Horses

 “All the queen’s horses, all the queen’s men, they couldn’t put us together again.”

27 years ago, the world was introduced to Shakespears Sister. After a very successful career as part of Bananarama, Siobhan Fahey struck out on her own and with the help of Marcella Detroit one of the most underrated groups of the 90s was created. Most people are familiar with their single, "Stay" but their sophomore album, "Hormonally Yours" was pretty phenomenal and a huge part of my teen years. Now, all these years later they've mended fences and the rift between them and they're back with a new single and potentially an new album. Their voices are incredible and they sound amazing together just like time hasn't passed. They have amazing stage presence and they do an amazing job poking fun at themselves in video for their new single, "All the Queen's Horses".

There's no hiding the fact there was a lot of strife between them in the past and the fact they split up over their rise to stardom isn't a secret. Siobhan has said in the press that she's been working toward reconnecting with Marcella, she just never thought it would take almost three decades. The lyrics to the single discuss reconciliation and I adore it. The song is being labels as a little bit country but all I hear is a whole lot of Shakespears Sister. I will admit that it has a whole spaghetti western feel to it and Siobhan and Marcella look incredible and sound incredible. The song works on so many levels and the black and white western video only adds to the feel of it all. I am certainly glad that they are creating again and I hope that this is only the beginning of their comeback.

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