Tuesday, May 7, 2019

CoCo and the Butterfields - Monsters

"And I will promise to kill all the monsters in your dreams and your head"

WOW. Just WOW. This song is so huge! The harmonies. The production. That fact that it fills the entire room with it's presence and atmosphere. I just been introduced to CoCo and the Butterfields and if this is the quality of their work, I want it all. Every bit of what they have to offer. You know that I love multiple vocalists. You know I love male/female collaborations when it comes to singers. And I am adoring this song. It's uplifting. It's full of positivity. It's very Felix Hagan and the Family and if you've read much of what I've written, you know I love Felix and it seems that CoCo and the Butterfields aren't going to be far behind.

The track is the third to be taken from their upcoming EP, Monsters, following the release of previous singles ‘Animals’ and ‘Puppets’. The EP was previously released as an acoustic collection of tracks and has now been re-recorded as a fully orchestrated representation of the band’s creative evolution since their conception six years ago. The EP is available for pre-order now, including an instant grat of ‘Animals’ and ‘Puppets’. The Monsters EP will be released May 24 and this single will be officially released on May 17.

Tom Twyman and Dulcima Showan come together and their voices blend so effortlessly and it's brilliant. There's a grounded, earthly rasp to Tom's voice on this chorus that sends electricity through you. The amount of emotion that's built in this song is ridiculous and it's hidden behind all the huge production and voluminous orchestration in this version and if you go and listen to the acoustic version of just Tom, Dulcima and a very minimal production - it will quite honestly bring you to a place in your life where all the hopeful love and desire of helping someone realize their potential and standing beside them as they fight their demons. I'm not going to lie, this song has just swelled up in my chest and taken up residence. It's everything I needed right now and it's beautiful. The difference between the unplugged version and the live version is staggeringly beautiful.

The way that these two individuals play off of each other is one of the most amazing things I've heard in a very long time. I am honestly having a difficult time finishing this write up as I am just overcome with emotion and it's wonderful. I wish them the absolute best and a long career ahead of them if this is what they're releasing into the universe. The chorus just keeps coming back and wrapping me in it's arms and driving away all the darkness and this is what the power of music is for and what's it's there for.

For shits and giggles, check out the official video for an even different vibe and an even different place for the song to hit and emotions to be realized. This is incredible and it's magical. The fact that this group has the power to evoke so much emotion is wonderful and I'm sold. A fan for life now. I want to hear everything they have to offer.

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