Thursday, May 30, 2019


It's not often that an existential crisis is presented in such an upbeat and poppy manner but Smalltalk has done just that with his latest single, "So It Goes". What comes after this? What does our faith tell us? What do our beliefs say? Is there a promise of a better tomorrow in an infinite lifetime of paradise or will we be sent to a "darker place"? It's not often that I tackle matters like this on the site. Most of the time, I tend to work more with music that doesn't go straight into this particular discussion but what if I didn't? What if I actually used this platform to make a dent in the taboo nature of the conversation? I spend a lot of time talking about mental health issues and looking to destigmatize that topic so why not other topics that are on the "do not talk about in public list"?

SMALLTALK aka Jakub Vanyo is a Nashville based singer/songwriter originally from Cleveland and you can hear the best of the Midwest and the South in his work. He's got that Walk the Moon feel to his work that makes him immediately accessible and it makes you smile as you're doing some introspection. "So It Goes" directly discusses what comes next. When this life is said and done and you've been interned forever, what happens next? I think we all spend a lot of time in our lives consciously or unconsciously wondering these exact questions; whether or not we discuss them openly. We are brought up in our parents particular faith or absence of and we have to make the decision when our lives become our own how we're going to proceed in life. Are we going to continue the study, are we going to explore other options or are we going to walk away from it all?

We spend so much of our lives studying who we are and what we stand for and it feels good when we find other people that have similar questions. We become part of something bigger than ourselves and it give us a renewed purpose to look for answers to those huge questions in our lives. I don't think there's a right or a wrong answer as long as we are honest with ourselves. Maybe in the end, we'll get it right or maybe we won't but at that point there's not much we can do either way. It's still good to know we aren't alone in the quest for knowledge.

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