Friday, August 11, 2017

Ryan Costello - Comes Undone

This is how I like my male singers. Emotive, thoughtful, and able to express themselves clearly through song. Ryan Costello has done all of those easily in his latest single, "Comes Undone". The plucky banjo against his earthy vocals and the addition of Kelly Morris as his harmonizing vocal partner creates an atmosphere that is slow and deliberant and echoes his melancholy thoughts and ideas in the lyrics. There is an undercurrent of wanton desire that is burning through him and he's expressing it in the only way he knows how as everything seems to be slipping away. Nothing is promised and nothing is ever guaranteed. All we have is right now and in this fleeting moment in time and space; everything I am, everything I have ever been and everything I will be is yours. I offer it freely and without malice. I know we've not had the best go of it and I know that we keep bumping against each other in the dark, but I am yours for now.

"Comes Undone" can be yours as a free download at his Bandcamp but while you're over there, toss him some coin on his latest album release, "Songs of Devotion and Betrayal". You will not be disappointed and you'll be helping an indie artist do his thing.

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