Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Alessandra Grace - Something So Good

 Something So Good  --> Listen Here
"Why can’t I breathe
When I am with you
Don’t wanna let go
Of something so good"

There are few dance acts that catch me off guard and make me go, "Damn, that's a helluva song". Alessandra Grace has done that with the latest single off her forthcoming EP, "I Do It For Love". "Something So Good" is a powerful dance anthem that actually has a bit of bite to it. The lyrics are strong and they are only made more powerful by Alessandra's vocals. There's a difference between an artist that is a fantastic studio artist versus an artist that doesn't require a ton of clean up in post production and you can hear it in the vocals. The song speaks to me about relationships and love and how there are times when you just get wrapped up in all that is good and amazing about a person. You don't know how to properly express yourself and you know that if you don't hold on tight enough that it could all be taken away in a moment's notice. I think there's something special about that and it's the feeling that we all strive and want in our lives.

Alessandra is an Italian based singer/songwriter and this song was the track was selected for Vodafone Italia’s #ConnectingWithPride campaign for LGBT rights and is looking to extend to Vodafone’s global campaign. This is a huge honor as Vodafone is a HUGE organization and it means that there are a ton of people that will now have access to her music that may have not had access to it previously. The track has a tremendous amount of European market appeal and it's making strides here in the States as well and there's no surprise when you've got a voice as strong as Alessandra's.

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