Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wide Eyed Boy - Loving You Is So Easy (Acoustic Version)

Sometimes I have to do a little digging before I feel comfortable expressing an opinion about a band. I was contacted to talk about a new acoustic version of a single by Liverpool based, Wide Eyed Boy and since it was my first exposure to them, I thought I should get to know them a little better. I listened to the single version. I listened to another track called, "Wolves" and then I came back to the acoustic version of "Loving You Is So Easy" and I feel like I have a much better appreciation of the band. On it's own, "Loving You Is So Easy" is a brilliantly performed ballad about love and that feeling of comfort and security "even when I'm down".

We think that all love songs have to be about one aspect of a relationship or another. It either has to be about the jubilation of young love or falling in love or sustained happiness. Or it has to be about falling out of love and breaking up and moving on. No one talks about how love doesn't stop. No one talks about how love feels when the rest of the world isn't spinning quite right. And I think that this song does an excellent job of doing that but when you strip away the electric production and take it down to an acoustic version of the song, that's when you see magic. The tempo of the song is slowed. The melody is a bit more melancholic. The vibe is a little more down and that gives the song much more gravity than being an upbeat pop song. This particular song was made better by having it done acoustically. Sometimes, artists will release an acoustic version of a song and it sounds almost identical to the original but in this case, this song has it's own legs and it stands separately yet equally to the original release.

I highly recommend you listen to the original recording. Listen to "Wolves". Get a feel for the band. Support the band. They've got a lot to give and if this is a sampling of how they're going to do that, then I see a great future ahead for them.

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