Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wake Up Leo - Nowhere To Go

There's something primal about this. From the tribal style chant that kicks off the track to the way the chorus builds into something large and voluminous. The crescendo at the end of the chorus that drops back into the chanting after the first chorus takes the listener on quite the ride.  It's got a bit of a Mad Max vibe to it that makes it a little reckless and a little "take no prisoner". It's like crashing down at breakneck speeds on a roller coaster and then song doesn't stop from there. "Nowhere to Go" is the debut single from London based indie band, Wake Up Leo's first EP, "Devolution EP". It's a helluva ride that touches on social commentary about how we can be forced to grow up too fast and be made to experience life before we know who we are. The song talks of child mercenaries and children being forced into service by militaries in many third world countries and knowing that the only solution we have is to show as much compassion and love as we can to those less fortunate people in the world.

We have to create a world in which the horrors being forced upon these children is non existent. Having a song that brings awareness to an issue that we don't discuss is a very valid way of disseminating a message about tolerance and building a world that will survive for the next millennia instead of self destructing.  Wake Up Leo, comprised of Leo Ulph and his band mates have created music with a conscious that I feel is reminiscent of The Replacements, XTC, Darren Hayes, and The Rembrandts to name a few. There are so many elements that build into a soaring sum of it's parts in the music that these London boys have put together. From the live instrumentation to the synth and the electro that is very smartly used, Wake Up Leo is a band that you need to be aware of.

They'll be releasing their debut EP, "Devolution EP" later this month so you're damn well right that I'll be keeping up with this group and as they release additional singles, you'll hear about them here.

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