Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MissDefiant - ICYMI

Most of the time, you just want pop music to be fun. And London ElectroPop Duo, MissDefiant are showing you that music is just that. Fun. With former Fluke front man, Mike Tournier producing their debut album; MissDefiant are making a splash all over the club circuit. Citing influences from CharliXCX to FKA Twigs to Die Antwoord, these ladies have a ton of potential to make something memorable. I listened to another track "You Can't Sit with Us" first and not only did it give me all my Mean Girls vibes I needed from it, it also threw me back to listening to Shampoo in the late 90s and I was a HUGE fan of groups like Shampoo, Crush, and Katalina and I think the girls in MissDefiant have a real opportunity to play up on that fun, bubblegum pop nostalgia that the genre is missing today.

"ICYMI" or In Case You Missed It is a damn fine song with a super playful vibe that taps into the social media buzz that has engulfed anyone with a mobile device. It's got all the benchmarks of a proper pop song. Catchy hook and lyrics that you're going to find sunk deep into your brain long after you've finished listening. You've got some dope rhymes on the track courtesy of DOPEBOYLDN and this creates just a party feel that you can't get enough of. They're going to be huge around the world with the release of their debut album on September 8, 2017. Make sure you keep you're eye out for it because these social media icons are going to kill the game when the album drops.

MissDefiant on the Web
Twitter: @MissDefiant
Instagram: @missdefiantofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissDefiant
SoundClould: https://soundcloud.com/MissDefiant
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/MissDefiant

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