Friday, August 25, 2017

Moxi - Figures Bathed In Light

Those synths!!! And don't get me started on just how perfect Anna Toy's voice is for this specific genre of music. This inspiration for this track came from the members of the band (and couple), Anna and Andy Toy surviving a near fatal car crash. I think that an experience like that would absolutely create an experience that you could draw from.

As far as they're overall inspiration goes, Anna explains, "our inspiration comes from a myriad of sources and ideas, but the underlying themes come from our emotional response to art and life experience”. The track highlights the band's dreamy, floating quality of music and fascination with the supernatural. "Behind all the drifting soundscapes, I always build a violence and tension into the music, even if it’s not overtly present at first”, admits Andy. “We bring all of these elements together in a way that is hopefully relatable and memorable because ultimately, we want people to feel understood through our music.”

You can hear every one of those influences in this music. This is a very solid entry in the dream pop category. It's ethereal. It floats and it's just light and airy. I think those are the hallmarks of a damn good dream pop song. It straddles the line between indie and psychedelic. It elevates your mind and makes you just close your eyes and float along with it. But like Andy says, the song does evoke a bit of anxiety and taps into those parts of your brain that make you more hyperaware of the things around you. There's a synth underneath, that rides right above the drums that has this melodic hum to it and I think that's where the stress comes from. It's an almost constant drone that's just under the surface of the song that helps dictate the flow of your experience while listening.

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