Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cheffery - Speherical

Dream Pop is a genre that I adore. It's ethereal and it's space-like and it's just got this vibe to it that makes me close my eyes and drift away. Artists like M83, Fuse, Tame Impala, and City Rain all have that psychedelic feel to them that elevates the genre to new levels. A relative newcomer to the genre, Sydney based, Cheffery has released his debut single and if this is the quality music he's going to be releasing into the world; he's got an incredible career ahead of him. The song has this crunchy bass line that just plucks along and sets the mood for the song and the vocals! The vocals!!! So freaking dreamy. I feel like I should be in a Dario Argento film but before the scary stuff happens or a Dino De Laurentis film with Flash Gordon or Barbarella. The song is so colorful and vibrant. It's a solid example of what Dream Pop should sound like. I can't hear any missteps in his production. It's a quality track. There's not much out there about Cheffery but I'm hoping to get to know them as an artist even more in the coming weeks.

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