Monday, August 21, 2017

Tom Kiesche - I (Who Have Nothing)

There are few artists that pour themselves in their work like Tom Kiesche. I think reckless abandon is an appropriate description for the way he attacks anything he sings. These songs aren't just words he's delivering over a music track, they are him. They are parts of his soul being laid bare with a power and an intensity that few people can match. You can honestly hear every single ounce of passion he throws into his music. You can hear the lifetime of experiences he's had that have lead him to this very moment in which he delivers a performance that is nothing less than ovation worthy. I had to turn the volume down a couple of times during this recording because of how he was belting the words. You feel them. They echo in you. They touch every part of you and you are left with all that emotion that he's so freely given. This man is an entertainer. He has so much creativity coming out of him that he has to express it any way he can. Acting, writing, singing. He is the total package of creative types. And I am glad to say that on some level, I can call him an acquaintance. He's a damn fine individual and you should check out his projects and support the hell out of him.

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