Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jaded - In the Morning

This song is kind of ridiculous in the most amazing way. It's a song about being hangry but it's done in such a fantastic way that you don't even care. The vocals are so solid for a club track. It gives you enough to dance to in the club and the lyrics get embedded in your brain because they're simple enough that they will sound amazing in a club. And to top it off, this song was used on this week's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" as the music piece of an amazing jazz routine choreographed by Brian Friedman. This song has been burning up the charts in the UK and with the use of it in an American television show, I have faith that it's going to gain some traction in the US.

Nari, Jordan and Teo met there from Iran, Italy and London respectively. With their previous release grabbing tastemaker acclaim from the like of Clash Magazine, Idolator and Dancing Astronaut, their newest offering continues to be the right kind of representation for London’s scene and a celebration of proper city values; multi-ethnicity and female equality.

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