Monday, August 7, 2017

Josh Tobias - Summer Thing

You want an incredible song? You take an artist with a fantastic voice and you give him a guitar and let him sing his heart out. When you have an artist with a voice as soulful and honest as Josh Tobias, you don't need a lot of production. You don't need a lot of embellishment and the producers of this song have shown a tremendous amount of restraint with the creation of this track. Brooklyn based, Josh Tobias has released what I consider to be one of the hottest summer tracks in a long time. It's funky. It's got a groove to it that makes you just forget everything else in your life for three and a half minutes and you just have a great time letting him take you where you need to go. It's got a little Ed Sheeran to it. A little Beiber. A little John Mayer and none of those are bad things. If those are the artists I conjure up when I listen to him, I feel like he's in good company.

The song is a perfect morsel of what you want out of summer. Memories and experiences. Whether it be from Danny and Sandy singing about their summer romance or many, many of the other examples in pop culture of summer time romance and love; sometimes all you need is that moment. That's exactly what this song is; except it's going to stick around long after the sunburn and the smell of the ocean have all but faded away. This man has an incredible voice and he does a bang up job of expressing the honesty and the desire behind wanting that connection; even if it's only fleeting. You don't want something that's going to last until the end of time, you just want something that's mutually beneficial to both parties. I think that honesty is what sets this song apart. He's not disguising his want and desire into something more than what it is - he's telling you exactly what he needs and if you're down, both parties are going to get what they want.

He's got a ton of funk and soul in him and you can tell that he's got to get it out. It has to be expressed. You don't hear music that is this creative and not feel what the artist is expressing. I'm damn sure going to be keeping an eye out for new music from Josh because this is good stuff and it's going to add a much needed injection of smoothness and soul into my life.  Let me know what you think about his music and if this fulfills your need for something passing and fleeting in the summer months, comment and let me know!!

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