Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Adore Delano - Negative Nancy

Adore Delano has never shied away from being who she was once she realized who she was. And with this new single, you're getting full Adore. All Adore and nothing more. It reeks of Iggy Pop and The New York Dolls. It's got a fantastic punk sensibility that just makes you want to hear more of this style from her. It's dirty. It's grimy and it's good. It's a bit different from her previous musical offerings but that's what makes an artist well rounded. Showing that she's stylistically versatile will help her build a strong foothold and allow her to shift and move in the industry where she needs to. Out of all of the Drag Race girls, I have to admit without question that she is the absolutely most musically savvy. I love Willam and the Triple A girls. Manila does humor well. But no one does music better than Adore.

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