Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ananya Birla - Meant To Be

This is POP music at it's finest. This is a restoration of the genre that has long suffered from an identity crisis. Gorgeous vocals, amazing lyrics, a beat that slays. This is everything. Ananya hails from India where at the young age of 23 is making a huge name for herself with her business ventures. We'll talk about those in a minute. Let's talk about this song first. This love song is everything you want in a song. It's hopeful. It's soulful and it's honest. You can hear how she is pouring everything she is into this performance. It's important to her to be her most authentic self and you hear it in every breath she takes and in every lyric she sings. We all want someone to feel this way about us. We all want someone to love us truly, madly, deeply and she's giving you all that.

The song will stay with you long after you've finished listening and you will quickly smash that replay button because this is sheer pop perfection. The production is perfect. There aren't any missteps in how the song is created and layered. The vocal track has an amazing resonance that slides across the instrumentation and makes you just get lost in it. This track has the potential to be huge if it gets in the right hands and makes it's way across the world like it should. Take a listen to it and then go out and listen to her previous single, "Livin' the Life" and tell me she's not a mega star in the making.

So, now lets talk business ventures because that's what elevates this young woman to amazing heights. At just 17, she launched Svatantra, a microfinance organization that helps empower rural women. Since then, she started Curocarte, a design and interiors e-commerce platform and Mpower, a mental health initiative that works towards dispelling the stigma associated with mental health illnesses. She has been hailed as one of Forbes Asia’s Women to Watch, the “Top 50 Power women of 2016’ by Verve Magazine, Miss Vogue's 28 Geniuses under 28 as well as a recipient of the CNBC Young Business Woman Award.

Ananya on the Web
Instagram: @ananya_birla
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnanyaBirlaOfficial/

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