Monday, May 7, 2012

Scott Fernandez - Say Hello To Your Mother For Me

Because he's on his way to becoming like a legitimate artist, I needed to dig this out of the vaults so that you all can see what true artistry looks like. Scott Fernandez is one of the most amazing artists I've had the pleasure of meeting and writing about.  He does things with stringed instruments that most people couldn't imagine doing.  And all the while, he doesn't require band mates to do so.  What he is, is a solo artist breaking molds and people's perceptions of how music should be made, packaged and marketed.  He doesn't meet the conventions of the industry and he dares you to not be captivated by what he does.  I am proud to be able to say, I knew him when because he is blazing a trail for those people that never thought that a solo bass player could step out of the shadows and stand on the merits of his talent.  Go watch his videos on youtube and get some education on what honest to goodness love of the instrument sounds like.

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