Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jane Badler - Mistaken Identity EP

In the 80s, who wasn't infatuated with the stunning beauty of Diana, the leader of the alien "Visitors" from the tv movie V and then later in the full fledged series of the same name.  She won us over with the way she chewed up the scenery against our protagonist, Mark Singer and gave that role everything she had.  She made her rounds across the dial for the next 25 years and came back in 2011 to reprise her devilishly delicious role of Diana in the re-imagining of the series.  As much as we loved her as an actress did anyone know that all this time, there was an amazing vocalist hidden behind her screen persona?

She has released a new 3 track EP on Ninthwave Records called Mistaken Identity and it's incredible. Her voice is everything you would ever want it to be. She is sultry without pandering. She is vulnerable and she's coy. She's an ingénue, she's a vamp. She has an uncanny ability to take on the character of the song and give it everything she has. I believe that's her amazing acting ability coming through the lyrics and into her delivery.

The songs are smoky and delicate but they've been around the block and had their share of life handed to them.   There is a darkness to them that would make them at home in any film noir.  It's an amazing EP and it showcases her talent brilliantly.  Make sure you go to her YouTube page and watch the videos for "I Want A Lot of Boys to Cry at my Funeral" and "Four Corners to my Bed" because they are super sexy and just amazing.

Jane on the Web
Twitter: @janebadler

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