Monday, May 14, 2012

St. Lucia - Before The Dive

With a bit of Andy Bell in his voice, St. Lucia (Jean Philip Grobler) has taken his worldly influence and created an EP that is totally worth purchasing. If Synthpop is your thing, and you know it's mine, this 6 track piece of awesome is right up your alley.  The visuals in this video have a ton of room for interpretation and I think you have the ability to make a ton of inferences from it.  There's something about darkness and light or matter and antimatter, good and evil.  It's all represented and it just depends on your frame of reference as to how and what you read into it.  I dig how the track has more instrumentation in it than other songs of a similar nature that rely heavily on the synth to make a point.  I plan on getting his EP and delving deeper into his music and when I do, I will absolutely post about it.

St; Lucia on the Web

Twitter: @stlucianewyork

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