Thursday, May 3, 2012

Matthias - Someone That I Used to Know (Gotye Cover featuring Catherine Rose)

I don't usually cover covers, so to speak so when one comes along that makes me want to listen, I do just that. I've spent about half an hour now perusing Matthias' catalog on YouTube and I have to say aside from the Katy Perry cover, I am a fan. I really dig his voice and his production values are great. It's amazing what artists are capable of creating from home studios and I am a huge fan of taking art and putting it in the hands of the creators so they are able to be more free and have greater control of what they produce. If he has the ability to create this without the support of a huge record label, then he needs to create a BandCamp page and an EP and get to making some money because I would buy his album. Granted, he gives the songs away for free on the YouTube video pages, but I want to hear original music from him and I want to support him because all artists need patrons. Anyway... It's a pretty great cover, I love how he doesn't stray too far away from the original arrangement and that he's faithful to what Gotye and Kimbra have done. And let's just say Catherine Rose... keep on keeping on. You have a gift as well and I want to hear more from you as well.

Check out his cover of "We Are Young" by Fun., because he does an amazing job there as well.

Matthias on the Web


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