Monday, May 7, 2012

Jhameel - White Lie

To say that Jhameel is his own man is an understatement. I think that not only is he his own man, he's the man that most men actually wish they were. His outward persona is one that is so comfortable in his own skin that it really doesn't matter one bit what anyone could ever think about him.  This video appears to be shot from the point of view of the women in Jhameel's life as he burns through his "White Lie".  This is one of my favorite songs because of it's carefree nature and he is able to capture that beautifully in the video.  I love how the video seems to be super organic and nothing is really planned.  The choreography isn't anything more than the music running through him and it looks like he just moved as he wanted too.

I think that everyone should be a fan of Jhameel because of how unconventional he is and the passion he puts into all of his music.  He deserves to be a mega star and I can't wait until he is.

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