Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jhameel - Are You Free

Are you serious?  As a writer, it shocks and astounds me when a track renders me speechless.  When I listen to this song, I almost have no words to describe it.  I don't know if it hits very very close to home but it has caused a very visceral reaction in me.  This track is why I love music.  It honestly has shaken me to the core and for that I have to thank Jhameel.

From the seven second mark, this track just goes on attack.  It is so freaking HUGE.  Jhameel's vocals are so powerful and commanding.  He posted on Facebook, "I put a particular amount of heart and effort into the lyrics, so I hope you enjoy". And you can hear every bit of that in his delivery.  This is the track that makes you stop everything you are doing and just get mesmerized.  I immediately had to just surrender to it and let it take over.  I know I'm swooning a bit but it's wholly deserved.

If you don't have some reaction to this song, then I think it's safe to say you're pretty much a robot.  I've now listened to it repeatedly for the past 20 minutes and this song needs to be so gigantic so you should share it with everyone you know.  On top of everything else... it's free.  He's giving it away for free.  Jhameel is a prince among men and I don't know why he isn't on top of every chart there is.

"Are You Free" by Jhameel

let's take a cold hard look at yourself
are you the man you fought to be
are you strong strong enough to face yourself
proud enough to let pride go and yell
are you free

let's take a cold hard look at yourself
look at the dreams you said you'd reach
were you wrong wrong enough to face yourself
man enough to fuck pride stand and yell
are you free

and everything i said
i would be
and everything i said
i would see
are you feeling like a prisoner
are you living life the way you want
giving time to ones you love
are you giving time to who you are

Get this track NOW.

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