Monday, May 7, 2012

Son of a Kid - Solow

This starts off and it's a bit reminiscent of The Police.  I can hear this right alongside "Message in a Bottle" or "Canary in a Coalmine" and I think that's a bit of a departure for Son of a Kid in comparison to some of their previous releases.  It's a great thing, in my opinion because it shows range and growth.  It still has a very familiar feeling but it branches out into a new direction and broadens their musical footprint.  I like that its more of a down tempo song because it helps to balance out other tracks.  A friend said they remind him of Penguin Prison or Bright Light Bright Light and in other tracks like "Emotional" or "Don't Speak Love", you can hear those references.  This track moves a bit away from that and breaks the standard they have set for very danceable pop tracks.  I think it's gonna be one of my favorites.

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