Monday, May 7, 2012

Lauren Ray - You Just Don't Know

What we have here is the emergence of a new artist and you are on the verge of her rise. Trust me, the combination of Lauren Ray and Stormby are going to take the music scene by storm (No pun intended). Her voice is so strong and has such a depth of character that keeps Stormby on his toes. She absolutely kills this track. When the chorus breaks in, I was like...whoa, settle down there. She increases the power in her voice and just entices you that much more. There is a smoky-ness to her voice that adds a level of maturity that I think makes her capable of sharing the stage with Cheryl or Alexandra Burke. I know that she is just coming up in the clubs but if she keeps putting out tracks like this, I think she has a great future in store. It's also another notch in Stormby's ever growing belt of successes. I think the production on this song allows Lauren to shine and doesn't hamper her in the least. There are some producers that have a habit of wanting more of the limelight than the artists singing on their tracks and I think that is more detrimental to the song than a bad mix. If this cut of the song is this good, I can't wait to see if he releases any dance mixes of it. I am ever becoming a bigger and bigger fan of his work because he knows what he's doing.

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