Monday, May 7, 2012

Levi Kreis - Is There Anything I Can Do

I've said it before, when you take Levi Kreis and a piano and put them in the same room, magic is going to happen. I don't think there's another artist that has the ability to speak straight to your heart. His voice is so pure and honest that he could sing me the phone book and I would buy every minute of it. Listen to this song. I mean just stop and listen to it. If you don't feel something by the first chorus, there's something fundamentally wrong with you. I mean on a base level and you probably need to see some one about it. I want someone to sing this to me at sometime in my life. I want someone to have this much emotion pouring out of them, this is how they have to express it. I mean, come on... This is what perfection sounds like and it's an unreleased B-Side. This man is a genius and deserves all the awards and all the everything.

Get with it and listen to this song, right now!  You will be a much better person afterword, I promise.

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