Monday, April 30, 2012

Lauren Ray - Say Goodbye

If the sum is greater than the parts, what happens when the parts are just stellar.  Lauren Ray is a new artist from the UK and she is currently working with some of the most creative producers in the business right now.  In a stunning new genre being called folktronica ("A bit melancholic with electronic influences" - says producer Stormby), Lauren has a command over the elements like someone that's been singing for years.  "Say Goodbye" is atmospheric, melodic and a bit noir.  It's got a darkness to it spun together with an ambient chill that just wraps around you and holds you as the song unfolds.  Lauren's voice is the perfect compliment to the melody and the beats and I don't think this song would do nearly what it has the power of doing with someone else's vocals.  She has a very strong command of her instrument that is paired equally with Stormby's track.  Without the slow melodic course he lays down, this track would have no direction.  It would simply spin out of control.

In the world of producers, he has quickly become someone that I look for to make incredible music and I have yet to hear a misstep from him.  He has an understanding of how things need to fit together musically and it is clear he can see what's coming because he has a manner of changing and shifting whenever he needs to.  I have more that I am going to be posting about him in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

So yes, the sum may be greater than the parts, but these parts live in such harmony with each other there couldn't be one without the other.

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